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Making Your Own Roasted Coffee Beans At Home

As any coffee lover knows, coffee is always best when it's fresh; freshly ground makes a more flavorful and aromatic cup. That's no surprise; however, if you've never tried making your own roasted coffee beans, you've been missing out on an entirely new dimension of flavor. If you really want the best and freshest possible cup of coffee, you will need to buy freshly roasted beans from a coffee roaster and use them within a week or two or to roast your own at home.Unroasted coffee beans are a yellowish green color, but turn brown once roasted. The longer they are roasted, the deeper and darker their color and the more intense their flavor; French roast coffee, for instance, consists of especially dark roasted coffee beans. If you'd like to start roasting your own, then you have two choices: you could purchase a roasting machine or you could do it yourself. There are a couple of ways to roast your own beans - keep reading to learn about a few of them.You can roast coffee beans easily on your stovetop. All you n...


Semi Automatic Coffee Machine

Coffee machines sold out in the market today cover an extremely wide price range - these gadgets can cost you from couple of dollars to several hundreds. Apart from the brand, pricing of coffee maker machines largely depend on the options and features that it can give. There are basically two different types of coffee maker machines and these are the fully automatic and the semi-automatic coffee machine. Between the two, the semi automatic coffee machine is considered as the more cost effective choice for those who are shopping on a budget.A semi automatic coffee machine is also one of the most common types of coffee brewers found in today's kitchens. Although they do not possess the additional features found in a fully-automatic coffee machine, the semi-automatic models can brew coffee relatively fast. The usual brewing process can take you an average of half a minute for your usual black coffee while other beverages that require frothing may take a little bit longer.One downside to using a semi automatic co...


The Best Espresso Maker For You

Choosing the best espresso maker primarily depends on your own taste. For some people it makes no difference what kind of coffee they are served with, as long as they are able to see after drinking it in the morning. For others, the taste is everything, and they are prepared to spend a lot to have a great peace of equipment on their kitchen counter. As first, everything depends on your own taste. Filter coffee is something most of people enjoy in the morning, at least in the States. In Italy, for example, the day starts with at least one strong, short espresso. Simple metal pots are used to make mocha, also very popular in Italy. In some areas people enjoy drinking manually prepared Turkish coffee, etc. Choosing the right kind of coffee is also very important. You just cannot use espresso mixture for filter coffee, the result will be poor. Try some different mixtures and find out which one you like. You can also grind the beans yourself and make your own mixtures. So, the choice is yours. Filter coffee makers...


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